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    We’re here to help.

    We have been creating addons for the 3CX phone system for more than 10 years. We are always adding new features to our existing tools, and if you need a custom tool, we are happy to build one for you.

    We have more than 30 programmers in the USA and India, so we have the experience and manpower to create almost anything you need.

    Want to learn more about our history as a company? View this blog post from the founder of VoIPTools here: www.voiptools.com/blog/history

    We have more than 35 programmers in the USA and India, so we have the staff and expertise needed to build cost-effective solutions for your business. Also, thanks to requests from people like you, we are always adding new features to existing tools. This is how VoIPTools has become famous for creating such powerful, feature-rich software.

    You can calculate the cost of a subscription on our site here: www.voiptools.com/buy

    In order to calculate the cost of a custom-built application, we will need to build a detailed list of all the requirements. If you have a custom project, please let us know here: www.voiptools.com/contact-us

    Having VoIPTools on the cloud is huge! There is no longer a need to install anything on your 3CX server, no need to create a VoIPTools server, and no more hassle. In order to use our tools, your 3CX can simply communicate with VoIPTools on the cloud directly. It is fast, efficient, and costs less than an on-premise installation.

    Subscriptions are all annual with the choice to pay monthly or annually. You can cancel within the first 30 days, after that it’s a 12-month commitment. If you would like to cancel your subscription after the first 30 days, the remainder will need to be paid. If you have any other questions about this subject, please view our terms of use here: www.voiptools.com/terms-of-use

    You can, but 3CX prefers that you not install anything on the same server as 3CX. So, you have two options: Simply use VoIPTools Cloud if you want VoIPTools to be hosted on VoIPTools cloud, which eliminates the need for a separate server or hardware. The other option is to install the VoIPTools Relay Agent. It is a small utility that runs in the background of your 3CX server that communicates with the VoIPTools server. If you have additional questions about this subject, please check our forums or contact us here: www.voiptools.com/contact-us

    New as of 5/12/2020, you can subscribe to individual tools OR our complete suite of tools. To check all the options and pricing, check here: www.voiptools.com/get-voiptools
    Yes, our tools are almost purely web-based, and you can log in using your 3CX extension and pin.
    The Relay Agent is installed on the 3CX server and runs in the background as a small utility. This utility communicates with the server where you install the VoIPTools applications. This allows you to get around not being able to install all our applications on your 3CX server. 3CX will not support your system if you have almost anything other than 3CX and its prerequisites installed.

    Before you begin with the installation of our tools when using on-premise and installing VoIPTools on a separate server from 3CX (recommended), you need to ensure that your computer meets the minimum requirements mentioned below for installing most VoIPTools applications.

    1. 3CX Version 15.5-16

    2. Microsoft .Net 4.7.2 or above

    3. Internet Information Server (IIS) 7.0 or above

    4. VoIPTools Relay Agent (Free)

    Note that when installing SQL Server, we recommend you install it in “Mixed Mode” to include SQL Authentication, and install SQL Management Studio
    When installing IIS, be sure to install Basic Authentication, .Net Extensibility, and ASP.Net 4.X

    If you have any other questions, please check our forums here: www.voiptools.com/forums/support

    Or contact us at www.voiptools.com/contact-us