VoIPTools is ready for 3CX V16

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One of the significant advantages of our VoIPTools Relay is the ability to quickly respond to changes made by 3CX. With 3CX V16 Update 6, 3CX made some breaking changes to the 3CX Call Control API.  However, because our applications do not talk directly to the Call Control API, but instead talk to our Relay, the only application we needed to update to accommodate Update 6 was our Relay. The result is nearly instant support for this new release of 3CX.

Tools –> Relay –> 3CX

Whenever 3CX releases a new version, we validate the compatibility of our tools by testing with both Linux and Windows. This testing starts as soon as an alpha version of 3CX is released and continues through the 3CX beta process. The final version of 3CX V16 Update 6 was released yesterday. Currently, we are validating this release and thus far have not found any issues. We should have the validation process completed for all of our tools by the end of next week (it takes a long time to thoroughly test over 30 commercial tools!).

While we perform the compatibility tests on each of our tools, the Relay download link for 3CX V16 Update 6 (V16.0.6) will be listed as BETA. When we have completed all the required testing, the “BETA” designation will be removed.

Because the Call Control API has changed, there is now a separate version of the Relay for 3CX V16 update 5 and earlier versions of V16, and a new Relay for Update 6.  This new Relay is NOT compatible with update 5 and earlier versions of 3CX.