Auto Call Back

Automatically connect you to the person when they become available.

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Each extension can choose whether to opt-in to receive auto call backs.

Monitor Status

Monitor both the status of the phone as well as the extension’s presence status to determine availability.

Upload Recordings

Upload pre-recorded messages to assure your recordings sound professional and clear.

Save Time

Remove a tedious chore, while allowing staff to focus on being more productive.


Automatically Call Back

When you call an extension and the number busy, now you can choose to either leave a voicemail or request a call back when the extension becomes available.

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Most frequent questions and answers

To record a new message:
1. Click the Record button
2. Type the name of the recording
3. Press Call my Extension and 3CX will call your extension
4. Record your message

There is nothing to install on your workstations. Simply install 3CX Auto Voicemail on your server, and all your agents get access instantly.

They will never know you didn’t leave the message in their voicemail box. There is no delay, no audio quality issues, no ringing. It’s exactly as if you spoke the voicemail yourself.

You can have as many agents as you want. 3CX Auto Voicemail is included with your VoIPTools Universal Subscription

No. You make the recordings using your own voice so it sounds exactly as if the message was spoken by you. Everyone has their own personalized recordings.

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