Let us Build you a custom solution.

3CX provides a collection of full-featured programmer’s APIs. These APIs enable VoIPTools to create custom solutions that meet your specialized needs.

How To Get Started

1. Identify Project Requirements

A VoIPTools developer will work with you to design a solution and identify the project requirements.

2. Estimate Project Costs

With established requirements, we will provide an estimated cost for the project.

3. Document Project Agreement

We will draft an agreement outlining the project requirements, deliverables, and dealines.

Certified Engineers

Build unique solutions that harness the power of 3CX with our 3CX-certified engineers.

3CX Development

Create custom 3CX applications that suit your business' specific needs.

Leverage Our API

Subscribe to real-time events and interact with 3CX using our REST API and events API.

VoIPTools Relay

Create solutions that work with 3CX whether your PBX resides on-prim or in the cloud.

Our Team

  • We have been developing custom 3CX solutions for more than a decade, and unique software products for more than 35 years.
  • We are a USA based company with staff in 5 states, and 2 countries (USA, India) we have 35+ programmers ready to create any size solution for you.
  • With customers in 90+ countries from Iceland to South Africa, VoIPTools has experience developing solutions for small or large businesses as well as international customers.
  • We thrive on technology, and have a passion for creativity.


Custom Development Showcase

Prison Management

Digicel, a multinational provider of telecom services, has partnered with VoIPTools to develop a highly specialized prison phone management system.

Used throughout the world, this solution incorporates a web-based management portal that enables corrections staff to actively monitor inmate phone calls in real-time, and a customized Voice Application Designer (VAD) application that:

1. Authenticates the inmate placing the call,
2. Verifies the number dialed against black and white lists
3. Confirms the recipient accepts the call
4. Limits the talk time of each inmate.

Michael Bird- Digicel
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The team a VoIPTools has built a comprehensive solution that makes it easy for us to monitor and control inmate access to the phone system. They are simply the best!

Time-share front desk

VoIPTools, in partnership with MerIT Technology Partners, a 3CX Partner and Managed Services Provider, has developed a Front Desk solution for managing Time-shares

The web-based front-desk management system simplifies the process of checking in guests into villas. When a guest is checked in, the phones are automatically provisioned in the selected Villa with the guest’s name, while ensuring the owner’s unique DID and extension are routed to the correct Villa. Further, the system maintains the owner’s existing voicemails and greetings. To simplify communicating with guests, the portal also makes it easy for staff to call or leave voicemails for a guest with a single button click. Finally, the system also integrates with 3CX 911 Notifier to provide updated emergency notifications, alarms, and panic buttons.

Paul Giovanni- MerIT Technology Partners
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The guys at VoIPTools are awesome! We had some very specific needs with really challenging requirements. VoIPTools was able to develop exactly what we needed.

VoIPTools product incubator

Many of our commercial products started life as a custom solution for a customer like you. Some custom solutions naturally have broad appeal to any user of 3CX, and are a great candidate for evolving into a commercial product. Other projects are designed to fill a very specific niche need. We want to hear about your custom programming opportunities and product ideas.

Big or small, we can build a solution that meets your unique needs. We have an experienced team of 35+ 3CX developers who do nothing but 3CX solutions. Need someone with extensive Call Flow Designer experience? We use Call Flow Designer applications extensively in our commercial products, as well as many custom solutions. If you can think of it, we can probably build it! Contact us to talk directly with one of our developers. We are here to help you get the most out of your 3CX investment.

Matthew Orr- Founder - VoIPTools, LLC
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Developing solutions that make companies more successful and profitable is our passion. It's what we do. That's what makes our work satisfying.