Synchronize 3CX data with SQL or MySQL

Custom Reports

Use the reporting tools you already know to create custom reports through SQL or MySQL.

Remote Access

If your 3CX server is hosted in the cloud, accessing CDR files is a challenge. Exporter uses our Relay to access CDR files remotely.


This small Windows service runs automatically in the background to keep your external database in sync with the data in 3CX.


With 3CX Exporter, it’s easy to archive historical information separate from 3CX.

NEW! Now supports inbound call tracking

Synchronize All 3CX Data

With 3CX Exporter, you can automatically synchronize all 3CX data and generated Call Detail Records (CDR) files with either Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL. This small Windows service runs automatically in the background to keep your external database in sync with the data in 3CX, making it easy to get all the information you need to generate custom reports in near-real time.



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Most frequent questions and answers

3CX doesn’t like when you install anything on the same server as 3CX, including our tools. That being said, you can but if you ever need 3CX support they will ask you to uninstall everything, including our tools before working on anything.

For this reason, we have created a relay agent that is installed on a separate server from 3CX. You also install a very small utility on the 3CX server that runs in the background to communicate with the server where you install our tools.

It is very simple to install all our tools, and if you get support as part of your subscription, we will install and configure everything for you, and even train you and your staff on exactly how to use and get the most out of them!

You can set it to import once a day, or every few seconds. It’s up to you.

We do not create custom reports, but you can use the data from exporter to create your own custom reports yourself!

Yes, you can get access to all 3CX data including queue statistics, extensions, chat logs, etc.

Exporter utilizes our VoIPTools REST API to access 3CX data. Parsing CDR files is handled with real-time events pushed to Exporter by our Relay.

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