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"3CX On Call Manager has been a great improvement over the live-answer call center out organization used. Not only is out on-call schedule always up to date now, but the [paid answering service] errors have been... eliminated."
Woodie Bowe
SSD Technology Partners
"3CX Recording Manager gives out users a powerful and intuitive interface to search for their recorded calls. The retention options keep the number of recordings in check and allows for long term archiving."
Gary Dodd
Dolbey Systems
"We've been using 3CX On Call Manager for over a year now... it has proven to be very reliable and easy to use. We were using an answering service with mixed results. Now we're not only saving money, we've reduced our on-call response time dramatically."
Donovan Niesen
Tech Outfit
"The guys at VoIPTools are awesome! They built the perfect custom solution for us, and they did it on-time and within a budget. Our Company needed a true 3CX expert. VoIPTools is out go-to company for extending the capabilities of 3CX."
David Mann

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Click To Call

Customers can enter their phone number on your website, and receive an instant call back from you. It’s a free call for your customer, and makes it easier for customers to contact you.


Holiday Importer

Simplifies the task of updating the holiday schedule in 3CX. Select National and Religious holidays from countries all around the world and Quickly import them to 3CX through the year 2029.


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